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Woolpower, Gransfors Bruks and King of the Mountain Wool

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Awesome Artisan Axes and Gransfors Bruk Axes
Woolpower ... the best cold-weather base layers
Also, 50% off FINAL CLEARANCE Sale on
King of the Mountain Woolens

400 and 600 gram monkey paw, 150

CLOSEOUT:  Woolpower Ullfrotte Merino Base Layers
The Only Source for Merino Wool Terry Cloth.

At right: 
Woolpower Full Zip Turtleneck with Thumbhole (MonkeyPaw!) Sleeve
Woolpower is the best cold-weather baselayer available.
Merino Terry-Cloth outperforms all other designs.

We are clearing out ALL remaining King of the Mountain Woolens. CLOSEOUT on King of the Mountain.  ALL KOM SALES FINAL.
All King of the Mountain Wool -- 50% off
Pictured at left:  The KOM Bushman Shirt
Available from Alex at $223 Clearance Pricing
(Regular retail price from KOM is $447)

Bushman Front 150
Mini Hatchet-small

Artisan Axes and Closeout of Gränsfors Bruks
Hatchets, Axes, Mauls, Woodworking Tools, Ancient Reproductions

We are selling off all remaining stock of Gransfors Bruks Axes and Hatchets, and we will not be getting any more.   You can read about or order the Gransfors Bruks from here or at SwedishAx, where we also showcase some great Axes made by individual Artisan Blacksmiths.   

Plus, The Lightning Strike ... an extreme-conditions, no-fail Fire Starter developed by our buddy Darrell Holland.


Order a Gränsfors Bruks Axe, Hatchet or Maul and use it for a while.
If you don’t like it, send it back for a full refund.

We’ve made this offer since January of 2012.     Return rate is much less than 1%.

If you’re an outdoors lover and you haven't tried top-notch wool, we think you'll be surprised by the performance across a wide range of conditions. A single layer of our own WeatherWool® provides a 50 degree Fahrenheit (28C) range of comfort.

We keep on hand a large inventory of Woolpower’s super Merino Terry-Cloth base layers.

Also, we still have lots of King of the Mountain® Camo Wool Clothes on hand.   As far as we know, we still have a larger inventory of KOM than anyone else.    Because we are making our own WeatherWool premium totally American woolens, we are closing out our KOM inventory.    Present inventory includes Bunwarmer Pants, Muleskinner Vests, Hooded Sweatshirts, Bowman Jackets, Frontier Shirts, Bushman Shirts, Beavertail Vests, Original Style High Plains Vests, Hats, and more.  We try to keep inventory current on this website, and we are very low on some items.    So please call now if you are interested.

We manufacture our own
Totally American Premium Woolen Outerwear ... WeatherWool

WeatherWool is the best we can figure out how to make, and pure American!

Alex Outdoors carries what we believe to be the best products, in the best way we know how.
Please tell us about any products you feel are The Best.

You can always reach us at 973-761-1776, and we do love to hear about your experiences and plans, get your feedback and give our ideas about what clothes and equipment will work in what situation. Thanks!

We still have some used KOM items available.
Have something you'd like to trade in for store credit? Click for details.

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  • We carry Helly Hansen Impertech rain gear. Wool performs great in the rain, and can keep you dry and comfortable within limits. Nevertheless, if you are heading off where it might rain heavy for days on end, with high winds tossed into the mix, a pure storm shell is nice to have. We like Helly Impertech best, and offer it as a convenience to our customers
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We've been keen on both Woolpower® and Icebreaker® base layers for a long time.
 If it’s cold to start off with, go with Woolpower®!
 If hot weather might turn cold, go with Woolpower LITE or Icebreaker®.

Woolpower Base Layers
Woolpower Ullfrotte, Merino Wool in a Terry-Cloth Weave, from Sweden
Fine merino wool thermals, undergarments and socks from Sweden, where they definitely know "cold!" We recommend Woolpower® Ullfrotte undergarments as the perfect base layer to our own WeatherWool Outerwear as well as for King of the Mountain® woolens. Woolpower® Ullfrotte (Swedish for "wool terry cloth") is warm, comfortable, machine-washable and resists odor, even after extended wear. For more information, please click here to jump to our Woolpower catalog. To see the Woolpower size chart and product and price list, please click here.    Woolpower has produced an excellent booklet about wool in general and their own base layers.    The booklet does a great job of explaining why wool is still the best material for clothing.    Just click here to view it in your browser.

Gränsfors Bruks Axes
These axes and tools are individually handmade in Sweden, and are just a pleasure to hold. Not sure exactly what it’s about, but guys just love to hold a fine Ax. And so do a lot of women. They make fantastic gifts and last pretty much forever. Please click here to jump to our Ax Catalog Page. Or, click here for a list of all the Axes.    Order online from our Ax Catalog, or over the phone.

Artisan Axes
We have some fantastic individually handmade Artisan Axes.   Check them out at

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